On Friday May 25, 2007, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND; Daniel Pavon Cuellar, Texas resident since early nineties and Sebastian Pavon Cuellar,( American
Citizen, Not Yet Texas Resident with less than 60 days old, born on March 29, 2007 in Austin Texas) Left The United States Of America Lawfully, With intent of
a Family Trip; To Visit Daniel Parents Guadalupe Cuellar and Raul Pavon, nearly 80 years old, who lived retired in Mexico City; Owners of Land in Texas, since 
Samantha Jennifer Lowry, an illegal alien in Texas under an Expired Tourist Visa of 90 days who arrive on September 22, 2006 and who did not want her last
name on her own son; was to arrive to Mexico City, on May 28, 2007 MEMORIAL DAY.
Daniel even provided her with $2000 for her trip and instructions for safe travel.
Samantha Lowry did not work, did not have a car, not even Texas Drivers License.
Not Married, Not Living Together, No Court Proceedings, No Custody Orders.
In Fact, as of May 16, 2007 Samantha Lowry proposed to Marry Daniel Pavon.
Daniel Lived in His homestead at : 7005 Whispering Creek Drive Austin Texas
Samantha Lowry lived with Bob Gloyd at 10205 Thomaswood Lane Austin Texas
May 28, 2007; Samantha Lowry abandoned her new born son Sebastian Pavon Cuellar in Mexico City
Samantha Lowry Stolen Daniel Pavon Money and Stolen The Travel Documents; Together With Tristan Nind
Samantha Lowry Trespassed to Daniel Pavon Cuellar with intent to commit and commit several felonies
Hereby Fully Proven, Crimes Committed By Samantha Lowry in Conspiracy with Others:
Aggravated Perjury, Child Abandonment & Child Endangerment: Samantha Lowry abandoned and Endangered Sebastian Pavon Cuellar by leaving him in Mexico
City, at the time she claimed, the child was missing and Allergic to all types of formula and could die in hours, with two pediatricians stating the same, in spite
Tristan Nind and Joseph Lowry, arrived to Mexico City on May 28, 2007, in secret.
QUESTION: Why would a mother abandon her new born son, knowing he will die within hours by being allergic to all types of formula? A Breast Only Baby.
TRESPASSING with intent to commit and COMMIT several felonies;
Samantha Lowry in conspiracy with others, Trespassed into Daniel Pavon Cuellar Homestead at 7005 whispering creek Austin Texas. The Trespassing and Theft of
Travel Documents was reported by Daniel Pavon to Austin Police Department on May 30, 2007, confirmed by Police Detective Andrew Westbrook.
On May 31, 2007 Daniel Pavon Reported the Events to Austin Family Violence Unit, and on June 7, 2007 Daniel Pavon Made Several Distress calls to Austin Police
Department to Report The Trespassing  to His Homestead.
Why would Samantha Lowry Trespass into Daniel Homestead?
Why Would Samantha steal Daniel Money and The Travel Documents?
Daniel Pavon Requested several Times for The Travel Documents to Return To Texas, Samantha Refuse to Send Them.
Violence and Threats Began Against Guadalupe and Raul in Mexico City, time when Daniel and Sebastian Left to Veracruz, Mexico.
During May 28, 2007 to June 8, 2007 Samantha Lowry claim she was coming to Mexico City Several Times, evidence is clear on the emails she provided.
Kidnapping First Count
SAMANTHA LOWRY: Samantha Originated Proceedings May 30, 2007 in Travis County Court Austin Texas;  ending August 13, 2007, Samantha retained The child
and Daniel outside of the United States of America with intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights
Conspiracy Against Rights and Conspiracy Against Rights under the Color of Law:
Samantha Lowry, Susan Lowry, John Lowry, Jami Milner Turner, Joe Devon Milner, Tristan Nind, Joseph Lowry conspire to prevent Daniel to appear in court,
including trespassing to Daniel homestead, theft of travel documents, child abandonment  and malicious prosecution through warrants based on aggravated
perjury, fraud upon the court, among several other crimes committed; including destruction of private property, threat of aggravated sexual abuse, attempt to kill,
including by leaving Daniel and Sebastian in the foreign country of Mexico, without travel documents, without money, at the time the child was expected to die,.
Even when Daniel offer VOLUNTARLY to return Sebastian, threats were made, even to kidnap the child to England, as clearly proven the delivery was to be made
to the British embassy, and not the American Embassy, since Sebastian is an American Citizen
The right place for Sebastian delivery, as per Daniel attorneys, was social services in Mexico, since embassies are not able to receive a two month old baby.
By Aggravated Perjury or fraud and deception of Jamie Milner Turner and Joe Milner, Originated Proceedings in Austin Texas ON MAY 30, 2007, through 
aggravated perjuries claiming; she lived at 7005 Whispering Creek in Austin Texas since January 2006, (Perjury proven with her email from England of April 2006,
ending the relationship and “She will be the privilege of others” ) to obtain possession of Daniel Homestead, Records and property.
Claims the Child Sebastian Pavon Cuellar to Be In Austin Texas to obtain restraining orders against Daniel to remove the Child from Texas and restraining orders
to obtain Travel Documents, and at the time the child is in Mexico City and Daniel is requesting the Travel Documents to Return to Texas.
Samantha Lowry Deceives Daniel by Sending a “Blank Suit” A Joint custody document not filed, also made by Joe Milner, who claims to have
served Daniel by sending the court proceedings to a FAKE email address.
The Response of Daniel Pavon Cuellar, to the blank suit, is used by Joe Milner and Jami Milner to Obtain Further Restraining orders, and on June 13, 2007 Obtains
restraining orders against Daniel to file Trespassing Charges , Samantha Lowry taking possession on Daniel Homestead and all his documents and
property, even restraining orders against Daniel to come near his homestead.
Making a Clear violation against Daniel Constitutional Rights and Preventing him to appear in Court, Trespassing to His Homestead, and Preventing by all means
Daniel and Sebastian Return; committing also the crimes of conspiracy against rights and conspiracy against rights under the color of law.
On July 5, 2007 Samantha Lowry and John Lowry hires Minton Burton Forest and Collins, who Hires Milner Firm and Bratton and Bratton Firms
On July 6, 2007 Minton Burton Foster and Collins, Bratton and Bratton and Milner firm files illegal liens and writs against exempt property (Homestead) and
against the properties of Guadalupe Cuellar, (who was NOT  at any time during the allege events, in the United States of America) for one million dollars. Without
any debt or money owed, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
Minton Burton Foster and Collins, Bratton and Bratton, Milner firm and Samantha Lowry conceal the proceedings.
It is until July 24, 2007 the allege proceedings are send by email to Daniel by MIKE TECHOW, AUSTIN PROCESS AND RACTICAL SOLUTIONS (All in one email) were
Daniel Pavon Cuellar replied, he was unable to open the attachment "ZIP FILE" and if they could resend, but never did.
By August 13, 2007 the final decree on the custody proceedings PROVES  kidnapping of Samantha Lowry, Jami Milner and Joe Milner, as well as John Lowry and
Susan Lowry being part of the contract COMMITTED CRIMES AND CONSPIRACY. The amount granted and order granted without a single piece of evidence, are
also illegal, including child support, and attorney’s fees THEY CONCEAL THE DECREE
By August 22, 2007 Obtain a decree of 35 million dollars against Guadalupe Cuellar Raul Pavon and Samantha Lowry and places their properties in auction.
Concealing the decree and judgment, violence against Guadalupe and Raul increase to; attempt to kill, timely reported by Raul Pavon to Police

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege
secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to
kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be
sentenced to death.
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